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Veterinary Pet Surgery

At Wewoka Animal Hospital, we understand that it can be frightening to learn that your pet needs surgery. Please rest assured that the recommendation of surgery is made with the best interest of your pet in mind. We will ensure that you understand why surgery is recommended, and are comfortable making the decision to go ahead.

Spay/Neuter Surgery

One of the most important decisions you can make for your pet is choosing to get them spay or neutered. This routine surgery is both safe and effective at preventing your pet from being able to reproduce. As much as we love our amazing pet pals, this procedure helps combat animal overpopulation. It also provides a variety of behavioral and medical advantages. If you have a new pet, you may not be sure when the right time is. Wewoka Animal Hospital has you covered. We’ll make sure to cover the process, the correct age for spaying or neutering and expected recovery time. This essential surgery is always available to our patients, all you have to do is give us a call to get you scheduled!

Soft Tissue Surgery

Soft Tissue Surgery is a term that encompasses most of the surgical procedures that do not fall under the remit of Orthopedic Surgery.

Soft tissue surgery addresses conditions the ear, nose and throat, and also includes hepatic, gastrointestinal, cardiothoracic, urogenital, skin reconstructive and oncological surgeries.

As always, your pet's safety remains our top priority which is why we utilize advanced anesthetic and surgical techniques.

Pets undergoing surgery have the option to receive:

  • Pre-anesthetic blood work
  • Anesthesia
  • Experienced monitoring support
  • IV catheter placement
  • Pain medication

Following surgery, your pet will be kept comfortable and monitored while the effects of anesthesia wear off. Wanting to rest for the remainder of the day is normal, but if you’re concerned about your pet’s post-op behavior, please don’t hesitate to call us.

Orthopedic Surgery

Sometimes our pets run into trouble with their orthopedic health. They may have suffered a traumatic injury or developed osteoarthritis as they aged through the years. However, orthopedic surgery can help alleviate and relieve much of the pain and discomfort your pet may be experiencing. If there’s a fracture bone or torn ligament, you can count on us to repair it!

Mass Removal

Within the soft-tissue surgery category lies mass removal. Whether your pet has a fairly large or fairly small mass does not matter. We will make sure to analyze and conduct all necessary testing on any type of mass we find. We know it can be really scary to see a small lump on your pet’s head, stomach, or even toe. However, you can feel at more ease, knowing that whatever it is, it will get safely tested and removed.

Ear Cropping

Ear cropping is a veterinary surgical procedure called cosmetic otoplasty. It is a surgical procedure that reshapes the ear flap (pinna) to make it a certain shape.

This is an elective procedure that is done to achieve a look that is consistent with breed standards and helps make the ears stand up.

Dr. Jim Coffey performs ear crops on all breeds from American Bullies, Cane Corsos, Dobermans, Schnauzers and more. We use surgical monitoring while the puppy is under anesthesia to ensure a safe procedure.

TPLO Procedures

We are excited to announce that we will now be performing TPLO procedures. Just like humans, dogs can tear a ligament in their knee called the ACL. When this happens a special surgery is needed to correct it. Dr. Jared Nenninger has undergone extensive training to perform this life-changing procedure on client pets. Pre-operative consult is required before scheduling this surgery.

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