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Senior Pet Care

We provide care for your pet through all stages of life. Since pets age faster than we do, it’s easy to forget that they can be considered seniors after just seven years. As they get older, their health needs change in unique ways that require proper consideration.

Caring For Senior Pets

As we see our pets get older, we’ll start to see some physical and behavioral changes. As they get older, their needs are going to change too. Generally speaking, cats and dogs are considered seniors at 11-years-old and 7-years-old, respectively. When your pet becomes a senior, they’ll need regular physical exams, vaccines, lab work, and dental care. Once your pet hits the milestone they’ll need to visit the vet at least twice a year. These wellness checks are very important for our furry patients. It allows us to keep any eye out for any issues and we can make any adjustment needed too.


The senior blood panel is composed of blood-work, and in some cases a urinalysis. These two tests give the veterinarian a big picture of metabolic and organ health. Because individual values may vary from species standards, having baseline blood-work in a healthy pet is particularly useful for comparison should they become ill. With a thorough physical exam and a laboratory work, your veterinarian can get an overall picture of your pet’s health. Early detection, disease management, and treatment will lead to a more comfortable and healthy pet who hopefully will be at your side for many quality days.


The analysis of urine is used to detect the presence of one or more specific substances that normally do not appear in urine, such as protein, sugar, white blood cells, or blood. Urinalysis can aid in the diagnosis of urinary tract infections, diabetes, dehydration, kidney problems, and other conditions.

This needs to be done twice a year so we can check for any sign of diseases like kidney or liver disease. This allows us to always keep an eye out for any issues at an early stage.

Diagnostic Imaging

Using diagnostic imaging is a major key to helping provide our senior pets rapid results. We make sure to get any imaging done in-house while making your pets feel safe and calm. Keeping your old guy or gal in the best shape is our main priority!

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