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Preventative Care

We want to keep your pet healthy, just like you do! The key to a long, full life for your pet is prevention and early detection of health problems. Wewoka Animal Hospital provides a number of preventative services to protect your pet’s health and ensure timely treatment of illness.


As a pet parent, it's your responsibility to make sure that your pet is consistently receiving routine preventative care. This type of care begins with a general wellness exam.

Our veterinarians will ask you questions about a variety of different factors like appetite, activity levels, training and behavior. They will also conduct a thorough examination of your pet’s major organ systems. After that’s complete our veterinarian will be able to discuss any concerns or medical problems that may need to be addressed. You’ll also get to ask any questions about their health, behavioral or medical concerns. Finally, diagnostic testing and parasite prevention will be discussed so we can put a complete wellness plan in place.


Keeping our families safe from a variety of diseases is easy with vaccines and that also applies to your furry family members! Unfortunately, a lot of the most common diseases can still pose  a very serious threat to pets if they’re left unvaccinated. In some cases it can even be fatal since they are very infectious in nature.

As a responsible pet parent, your pet relies on you to keep them protected at all times. Making sure to have a stable vaccine routine plan forms a vital part of preventative care. Every pet is unique, so don’t worry, we’re here to discuss their needs and medical history or allergies. We will also discuss their level of risk and exposure. As your pet gets older, we'll make sure to adjust their vaccination plan that fits their current stage of life.

At Wewoka, we want to make sure your furry pal lives a long and healthy life, so vaccinations are always available to protect your pet!

Parasite Prevention

Parasites can affect your pet in a variety of ways, ranging from simple irritation to causing life-threatening conditions if left untreated. And while parasites can affect your pet year round, they are especially vulnerable as the temperatures rise and we spend more time outdoors.

Luckily, as your veterinarian we can help prevent, accurately diagnose, and safely treat parasites and other health problems that not only affect your dog or cat, but also the safety of you and your family.

Responsible pet parasite control can reduce the risks associated with transmission of parasitic diseases from pets to people. By following a few simple guidelines, pet owners can better protect their pets and their family.


We offer pet microchipping for your pets. A microchipped pet is a safe pet - and one that’s much more likely to return home if ever lost.

A microchip is an electronic device that’s only about the size of a grain of rice. It gets implanted between the shoulder blades and remains there indefinitely, although it is possible for a microchip to migrate. The implant procedure is relatively painless and it’s as quick and easy as receiving a shot.

Every microchip comes with its own unique ID number. Once it’s implanted, you create an account with the company’s registry to make sure your contact information is associated with that number.

Most veterinarians and animal shelters have microchip scanners that allow them to read the chip number and get in touch with the microchip company to report the pet as found. The microchip company then reaches out to the owner to let them know their pet has been located and where.

Nutrition & Weight Management

One of the most forgotten yet essential parts of preventative care is nutrition. Your pet’s health begins with their diet and nutrition. If they’re not getting the right nutrients, it will completely throw every part of their system into an unbalanced state. It can lead to things like deficiencies, illness, and even disease.

At Wewoka, we’ll work together to get an understanding of your pet’s medical history and provide the best diet for them. If your pet happens to have a specific medical condition, food allergy, or any other type of need. You can count on us to listen to your thoughts and concerns. The same applies for any type of weight management. Our veterinarians will help guide you through the process for your pet.

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