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Affordable Wewoka, OK pet grooming is available for cats and dogs at Wewoka Animal Hospital.

Grooming Services

As a pet parent, you’ll want to make sure that you stay on top of your pet's grooming needs. Canine and feline grooming is unique to their breed. Once you have a good idea of their breed, you’ll want to research how a typical grooming schedule works. A variety of factors such as hairstyles, cuts, brushing, bathing, and nail trims can be done at our state-of-art facility!  Some breeds have more sensitive skin or need certain cleaning procedures. For example, pugs and bulldogs need to consistently have their fold cleaned to prevent both irritation and infection. The time of the year will also affect if your furry pal needs to have a short coat or long coat.

If you have a rather sassy cat or dog, it may feel really stressful. At Wewoka you can have peace of mind that we give your furry friend a great and refreshing bath. We have options for luxurious baths to make sure your pet comes out looking very fluffy and squeaky clean! During their visit, we can also assist with dematting services if needed or just a simple nail trim. Just make sure to let us know what you’re needing so that we can get any service our furry visitor needs.

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